Brev från Bagdad

Raderna här nedan är skrivna av en god vän till en av mina bekanta i USA. Han tjänstgör i Irak och befinner sig just nu någonstans i Bagdad. Brevet är skrivet i all hast.

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry i don’t have time to reply to everyone who’s written me. i wish i cud. but ur support really means alot to me.

Share this letter with whoever, your church, your school, your family. But please read it.

I don’t care about oil or politics, I’m not patriotic. I didn’t care about the middle east or islam. And I still don’t. Those things are all trivial to me. But I am now in the middle of something bagdad.jpgI can’t ignore or be apathetic about.  I’ve gone with little or know sleep since I’ve been here. I am in a platoon that volunteers to go out into the streets of bagdahd after the missions we’ve been assigned are done. And this is why: these people. they need us, they need us to protect them from dirtbags that come into their homes and drag whole families away. they shoot children in the streets. every nite i sit in an ambush team in a different house that’s been abandoned by the terrified families or burned out by these sick twisted men. and me and my brothers sit there and wait, we sweat, we fight, we bleed. just so that the families we are watching over can have one nite of rest. one night without worrying about if they will be drug kicking and screaming out to a van where they  will be bound and gagged and then executed and abandoned in an alley way. They tie up and murder three year olds! if anyone is innocent on this forsaken earth it is a child. badad2.jpgbut these children have been subjected to torture, murder and loss such as most of you will never understand. These men drive down the streets of neighborhoods spraying rounds at every house. They spend more ammunition in a day and night than I’ve fired in my whole time in the army. this is why we fight, this is what we sacrifice for. This is without a doubt the noblest thing any of us has ever done, or ever will do. but i don’t want you to think of us, all i ask is you think of the children dying in front of our eyes every day.



2 responses to “Brev från Bagdad

  1. Ett gripande brev som säger mycket om situationen i dagens Irak. Det är dessa amerikanska soldater som hindrar Irak ifrån att falla ner i inbördeskrigets käftar.

    Detta är en anledning till att de amerikanska soldaterna skall stanna i Irak eller åtminstone ersättas av en internationell styrka.

    Mina tankar går närmst till det irakiska folket och de amerikanska soldater som befinner sig i Irak.

  2. Lars Holmberg

    Jag håller med Klawitter.

    Det finns ett obehagligt långsiktigt problem med detta sätt att hantera barn. Den verklighet med vilken de växer upp kommer att färga dem under hela deras livstid. Den blir normgivande för hur många av dem som överlevt kommer att hantera sina medmänniskor framgent. I bästa fall kommer några att ta starkt avstånd från dessa upplevelser och eftersträva en humanare livsstil.

    Räkna med att Irak blir en av världens oroshärdar under mycket lång tid.