Är Privata Militära Företag de nya fredsbevararna?

Har under kvällens lopp suttit och ögnat igenom tidningen Armchairgenerals forum. Upptäckte att medlemmarna där för intressanta och engagerade diskussioner om PMF (Privata Militära Företag) eller PMC som det heter på engelska.
Citerar lite ur diskussionerna.

– The overiding concern of any peacekeeping mission should be for the people the UN (or whoever) are trying to protect. Too many times the UN’s dithering and the lack of interest from richer western countries has caused intolorable suffering for poor people in the world.

– Without a profession standing army the UN is basically a paper tiger… Now it would be expensive for the UN to raise and run it’s own army but for a fraction of the cost they could use highly trained PMC’s….

– I say yes! The first step was the UN peace keepers, and in many places they have done well, but it’s clear, that somekind of umbrella from the west and other interested nations.
It is time for the next step, UN peacekeepers was step one, now for step two!

– There are alot of conflicts/suffering in the world that no nation/state wants to get involved in. Either they lack have any intrest in the regio, or its too far away and too dangerous. Either way the public domestic opinion wont tolerate sedning its young boys and girls over there. In such a case a PMC may be the only solution for the UN to reach and deal with the problem. The problem is to keep a PMC clean. They are after money, and could just as well prolong conflicts for their own winnings. Take the arms dealing in Sierra Leone or the current contractors in Iraq for example.

–  I think it is a very good idea – as long as they are accountable to someone. Quite frankly, most of the troops used by the UN for peacekeeping are very poor. Poorly trained, poorly equipped, poorly led. The money to keep them in the field is wasted money, as they often do not contribute anything to the situation.

– The thing is, you cannot constantly use troops from the nations you have mentioned. Who would pay for their deployment? You can bet the public in those countries would soon get fed up with having to pay for peacekeeping operations that do not affect them directly.

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